Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hand 2 i no more

There are those times in life when we are all hit with the realization that we aren't the best at doing a certain activity. I remember when I learned that I wasn't the best basketball player, when I found out I didn't have the best arm in baseball, when it sunk in that I didn't have the best voice. In spite of all of our shortcomings, we learn how to cope, to compensate. We find some measure of self-worth in being all that we can be in performing those certain activities.

Tonight, though, I am crushed. Crushed beyond what my fragile psyche can overcome. Since purchasing my XBox in 2002, I have claimed rights to the title Videogamer Supreme within the Waggoner fiefdom, especially when it comes to sports games. Tonight, I was blown away by my 5-year-old at Street Basketball, Vol. 2. Not just once, but three games in a row. I stepped up my intensity on the last two games, but couldn't overcome his out-of-this-world three-point shooting. It was like Larry Glass on speed (for all you Frankfort gamers from back in the day)! I knew there would come a time when he would be competitive. I just didn't know it would be so soon.
And...he talks smack! I just can't take it.

#17 Kentucky 43 #1 LSU 37

This is probably the only time I've cheered for Kentucky. Go blue!

I love college sports!

Friday, October 12, 2007


This is a comment I left on Carrie's blog. Carrie, who happens to be my cousin and a very good friend, is debating whether to vote Republican or Democat in the upcoming presidential election. I feel her frustration, too. Based on what I've heard so far from the candidates from both parties, it's a little bleak. If only Mike Huckabee would take off. That guy is awesome! Just for the record, I don't believe that the Republicans are God's hand-selected political party. But, they manage to come closer to my personal stance on various issues than the Democrats. However, I will have you know that I have voted for Democrats in the past, good people who took a hard position on issues that I was passionate about. Anyway, here's what I had to say in Carrie's hypothesis that all the candidates on the ballot are pro-choice (feel free to share your thoughts on my post or on Carrie's post):

The reality is that we very well could have two pro-choice candidates on
the ticket this year. Mitt Romney conveniently changed his stance shortly before
making his presidential bid, so who know what he really thinks. I do know that
he used to be pro-choice. I don't vote just on moral issues,
though they are very, very important to me. I vote based on where I think the
individual will take our country, state, or city (based on the election). What
are their positions on those issues that I deem important? What's their voting
record like (if applicable)? What leadership experience are they bringing to the
table? I don't like voting for a "name" or a public persona generated by a media
blitz. I am sick and tired of the media trying to influence what I think and how
I vote(and, yes, this includes Fox News). Partisan politics drive me crazy.
Let's start thinking about what's good for America and not what's good for the
Republicans or Democrats. Our problem is that we don't research before we vote.
We blindly cast our ballot for whoever our friend likes, or who Rush Limbaugh
promotes, or who our spouse votes for. It's intellectual apathy. Let's think for

(Cough) Ahem, has anyone tried the hor d'oeuvres? They're

Under the Big Top

Last week, Lori and I took Trey and Kassady to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus in Nampa. We met up with Marc, Talisha, Emme, and Addison. Highlights of the 1-ring circus (we're not big enough for the 3 or 5-ring variety) included the amazing dogs who pulled off some incredible tricks, the acrobats who did everythingfrom walking the tightrope to riding a bike on the tightrope to sitting in 2 chairs on the tightrope all the while holding another brave soul, and a Mr. Bean-type clown. Very funny. Trey really enjoyed the clown, especially the skit involving a "baby" who sang hip-hop and expressed its displeasure by wetting the crowd. I have to admit that I laughed, too. I have now figured out what Royce should do once he retires. I, of course, forgot to bring my camera, so many thanks to Marc and Talisha for their stunning photography.

Addison (the little head to the left), Kassady (the tyke in green), Emme (of striped shirt), and Trey (jean jacket) get jiggy wid' it with the dancers.

My kids really know how to pose. They always look so natural. I love 'em!

Trey and Emme, show off their bulbous clown schnozzes.

The elephant pulled off some impressive tricks. I never could get my dog to do this. I'm thinking that animal training isn't for me.

I'll leave you with this gem of a picture that Marc snapped. Timing really is everything.

Babblings of a Beleaguered Blogger (Doran)

Well, it seems as though the media hacks are at it again. Namely, Doran Ritchey. He can't leave well enough alone. He is once again going after me with acrimonious accusations. His virulent approach to blogging leaves much to be desired. Just to let you know, Doran isn't exactly savvy when it comes to, well, even checking his email, much less posting on my blog. I'm so glad that he's married to Diane who helps compensate his obvious deficiencies. If Doran could figure out how to check his email he would realize that the picture he references in his caustic post was sent to him early yesterday, before it was even posted on my blog. After all I do for that boy, to see him respond with such antagonism is disappointing to say the least.

Uh-oh, better go. Kassady is having flu issues...not a pretty sight! It's very similar to what you'll find over at Doran's blog.

And for the record, of all the things I could be greedy over, it most definitely would not be pictures of Doran.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

An Unnecessary Attack

I have tried to keep keithinside a positive place. A cyber destination that will make you smile with appreciation or chuckle at my gentle humor. Folks from around the world have come to know this blog as an idyllic refuge from the harshness of today's society. This Eden exists no longer. Doran Ritchey has thrown the first salvo at this bastion of grace, love, and overall sensitivity. So, I have no other option but to go on the offensive. I will admit that I have occasionally stung Doran with a post such as this or this but have never intentionally tried to denigrate him in anyway. In fact, those are the only "bad" photos I've posted of Doran in the last year (don't believe me, check out the older posts). However, he has made this personal, very personal. In fact, he has begun blogging just so he can try to make me look bad, going so far as to solicit pictures from my past. Doran, all you have to do is look at my blog. I'll provide you with plenty of pics (I mean, who could forget the foot?).

But, if he wants to play this game, bring it on. So, here we go:

Liberty's own urban pianist poses in more natural surroundings. Raised on the streets of Amish country and the Virginia backwoods, Doran finds solace in the quietude of the concrete jungle.

Doran pulled off his cover of Michael Jackson's "moonwalk" this past week to the great enjoyment of Dan.
The "funky chicken" has become one of Doran's signature moves. KFC is seriously considering sponsoring our next tour.

OK, enough's enough. All that sarcasm just feels wrong. I can't live like Doran lives. That does nothing but to lend itself to bitterness. Now, see, if this was Royce; yeah, I could understand that. He has just naturally posed for pictures that lend themselves to a funny caption. But, Doran? My son, my son...I never knew thee!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I like to give credit where credit is due. LaRona Ezell who does much of the writing for the Grace website listed this for Friday's game night:

You Got Game?
Can you take a RISK without becoming FLUSTERED? Does the age
old BATTLE OF THE SEXES leave you BOGGLED? Are you SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER? Here's UNO CLUE: you won't know the answers to these questions unless you put your busy LIFE on hold and bring your CRANIUM prepared to challenge any ROOKies who would dare to PIT themselves against you. It isn't hard to BREAK THE ICE in a rousing MASTERPIECE of SEQUENCE, and you will be making a fun MEMORY as well. There will be everything from APPLES (cider) TO APPLES (juice), but please bring your most fattening TABOO snack to share with your fellow players. You won't be SORRY!

Clever, clever, clever. Besides Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and MLK, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, this is the only other thing I wish was attributed to me.

Just for the record, the last time we played "Battle of the Sexes" with a group of friends, the guys won, thanks to LaRona. A question was posed to the guys asking the French name for a new fashion. LaRona asked (out loud, mind you) Lori if it had something to do with haut. That's all I needed. Out of my bank of useless information I pulled out "haut couture" and we won the game. The look on LaRona's face was priceless, one I hope to see again on Friday evening when, once again, the guys prove to be victorious.

Worth 1000 words

Monday, October 08, 2007

Our Tribute to Royce

Tribute to Royce

Grace online

Another new destination for you browsing curiosity seekers is the new Grace Bible Church website. It's been up for about a week or so. I've been working quite a bit on the site. Enjoy!


My buddy, Doran, now has a blog. Stop by and say hi. Maybe he'll update his a little more frequently than I do mine, but I doubt it.