Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Pictures from Trey's 5th birthday party. Witty commentary to follow. I'll be back from Arizona on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Scary Poll

Kind of makes you wonder if we've focused on the minor issues:

It's all about the treats

I sit here remembering my Halloweens past. I was king of the "trick-or-treat" routine. My parents didn't keep us from canvassing the neighborhood for candy. I recall being miffed at the popcorn in the plastic baggie that we got from the "cheap" neighbor. "You mean you can't afford PAL bubblegum? C'mon!" Now, I'm on the other end of the whole handing out candy thing. Lori sent me to the store to get candy and I did my job. Too well. I came back with 2 jumbo bags of candy. Our gruesome guests have yet to make a dent in the stash. I'm going to start giving it out by the fistful. We decided to let Trey and Kassady go out this year. Trey is dressed as a fighter pilot, while Kassady is prissing around as a princess. Lori, Talisha, and Emme have accompanied Trey and Kassady. Lori and Talisha are disguised as semi-stressed mothers who peek around the corner to make sure that the kids aren't slipped drugs by unsavory characters. Since they're only visiting family and friends from church I think they'll be OK.

I remember my first mask. Well, it was kind of a mask. I dressed up as a Mexican vaquero with panty-hose pulled over my head mashing my face into a grotesque pattern, where my cheeks unnaturally puffed above my eyes. The moustache that my dad drew on with a permanent marker kept slipping around until it finally rested on the side of my face. I really couldn't see that well and breathing was difficult. But I endured it all for the promise of candy. I remember running from one house to the other, thinking "candy, candy, must have candy". Due to my impaired eyesight I totally missed seeing a guide wire from the telephone pole. I hit that thing at full speed. I remember flipping gracefully through the air and landing on my back. The air left my lungs with a whoosh and I lay there dazed and in extreme pain. However, there were many females around, and so to impress them I got to my feet and tried to walk it off. Oh, it hurt so bad! I acted cool, like nothing had happened (even though everyone was convulsing in laughter; you know, falling on the ground with mirthful gyrations) but I hurt so bad. It ended up leaving a massive welt across my thigh which lasted for several weeks. I did take off the pantyhose mask.

Halloween isn't for the weak of heart. So, I'm just going to eat candy tonight. I do have a mask that I might put on to startle the kids.

A tribute to Napolean (I apologize to all dial-up users)

I think I'm going to quit posting and just link to all the funny stuff that Carlton posts.
By the way, Happy Birthday to my esteemed sister (in-law) Rebecca. You're the best!

Home Is Where the Heart Is (really!)

Finally, I'm back home. I've spent way too much time traveling the last few weeks. It was a fantastic trip, though! I'll be updating you on everything that went on in the next couple of days. Of course, I took my camera and, of course, I forgot to dig it out of my luggage, so check out Jon Plank's blog,, for some pics of the week. He took them with his cell phone, so they aren't the highest quality. However, you can still get a sense of what's going on.

It is so nice to be back with my family again. Last night Doran and Diane had a party for all the kids in the church, so Lori and I dropped off our little gremlins and went out to eat. As we were sitting in Outback it hit us that we hadn't had a date by ourselves since June. Pathetic! It was nice getting caught up on everything in Nampa and filling her in on my trip.

I'm off to the studio this morning. I have to fix a few lines on the new Liberty CD, "There's a Testimony", and then record some background vocals for Doran's piano CD. I hope you have a Happy Halloween, a Happy Harvest, or whatever you call today.