Friday, April 14, 2006

Was It Worth It?

When is the last time you truly thought about what Christ went through on Calvary?
When is the last time you contemplated on His agony, the excruciating pain, the sense of loneliness that He must have felt?
How many times have you taken for granted the extreme sacrifice offered for your soul?
Why did Jesus do it?
Why did He care?
How did Christ find the strength necessary to go through with the plan?
What was going through His mind on the cross?
Were there unanswered questions that He struggled with in those last few hours?
Did Christ grapple with the temptation to save himself while hanging there?
Could He have battled feelings of hatred as He suffered the torment of the nails, the spear, the awful thirst?
What would it be like to be totally separated from GOD?
Would the silence from above hurt more than the pain inflicted from below?
Could He see the end or was He lost in the moment?
How could Jesus still love in spite of the anguish, the fear, the bleakness?
Where did He find the strength to forgive?
How could His last act on the cross be one of mercy, an execution of grace?

Looking at your life, was it worth it?

Chain Gang

For anyone who gets one of those e-mails featuring urgent messages concerning some kid in England with leukemia who will be saved if you just forward this e-mail to 5 friends or has received an e-mail promising $25 gift certificates from Bath and Body Works, I have a link that you are sure to enjoy (was that a run-on sentence?):

Thanks, Rochenda!


The other night we were over at Marc & Talisha's house for supper. Marc was telling me how Addison just loves gulping down water, especially when it's out of a glass. As you can see, he demonstrated Addison's new trick. The picture doesn't do this justice. Addison put a death-grip on the glass and inhaled it's contents. I laughed my head off. The whole Taylor family gathered 'round for this one.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Lori and I would like to congratulate both sets of parents on successful transitions into new houses. The Waggoners have moved across the Atlantic from Desford, (Leicestershire) England to Peoria, IL, while the Fredericks have moved from Philadelphia, PA to the Souderton, PA area. They did this without the expertise that we would bring to such a big move, and did it quite well, I might add. Hopefully, we'll get back for Christmas.

Spring Is Officially Declared on Spruce Creek Drive

It is now officially spring! Today is the first day for me to go outside without a coat. For those that know me well, they understand (no, that's the wrong word, they observe) my paranoia concerning colds. I hate getting a cold. And now that I'm singing all the time, it's double the "must stay warm at all costs" mania. Yeah, I probably go overboard, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. There's nothing worse than singing with all kinds of junk in your throat and chest.

So, today I started out with a jacket. About mid-morning I realized that this was massive overkill, that I was sweating like a Mohave Desert trapeze artist (I like the analogy, myself). So, I took it off and it stayed off the rest of the day. I spent quite a bit of time outside working on my yard, cleaning the car, not to mention re-training Trey on how to ride a bike, and not once did I go back. I have to tell you, it felt good!

And to further push the envelope, I also intentionally went without my hat. Folks, summer is a'comin'.


Trey is becoming quite proficient at the computer. In fact, he can actually smoke me at a couple of games on the Veggietales website. He now knows how to navigate around and find what he wants. I was 20 before I even knew the Internet existed, much less figured it out. Kassady likes hanging out and watching the action (for at least a few minutes). Trey gets ticked when she moves around and jostles his arm. She occasionally attempts to "help" Trey out, which cause much dissension in the Waggoner household.

Rejoice! it's Royce

Royce finally got the group he wanted all along. Here is their new promotional picture. The Royal Roycemen is the new group name. We wish them well.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, I'm back from another long weekend. I got home about 6:30 this morning. It's been a long day. I'm tired.

I apologize, but I forgot to take my camera on the road this weekend. Which is very unfortunate, because Liberty had a score of great Kodak moments. I'm adding that to my packing list (I've plagiarized the GBS choir/SWSE checklist) the next time we go out.

This was an enjoyable tour. Our schedule included 5 concerts in 4 states (Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming). Wi-fi was not to be found (hence, the lack of posting over the last few days). This was a great trip in terms of enthusiastic crowds. Man, I think every church we visited was plugged in! They even laughed at my jokes (which really helps hone my definition of enthusiastic). I almost felt Seinfeldesque. Almost.

k-la's post

OK, k-la. This post is for you.