Saturday, May 12, 2007

Directionally Challenged

Well, it happened again. Yesterday, as Royce was driving the bus, our GPS (affectionately known as the Garminator) went on the fritz. It kept on telling him to turn in 500 feet. He went in a circle twice. Now, remember, Royce hates the GPS. It has a woman's voice that tells him where to go, and he just can't take it. So, he's up in the driver's seat, blood rushing to his face, yelling for Dan and talking back to the GPS. Now, Dan, on the other hand is convinced that the Garminator is infallible. I mean, there's the Bible and just slightly below is the Garminator. I am convinced he would drive into a lake if the GPS told him to. Anyway, Dan runs up to the front of the bus and Royce says, "Dan, you drive. I can't figure out where she's trying to tell me to go." Dan looks up, then back at Royce and calmly says, "Uh, Royce, we have reached our destination. We're in the hotel parking lot." Sure enough, Royce had been driving around the hotel for 5 minutes. Just another day on the Liberty bus.

Royce prefers conventional methods of figuring out where we are going...

...while Dan goes wherever the Garminator tells him to go. We have literally ended up in the middle of a pig farm before.

The Fast and the Furious (life of me)

It's been a while, it really has. But while I have a couple minutes I'll fill you in on the latest. I'm on the bus traveling to Canon City, CO for a concert. We were in Thornton, CO last night. A great night with a fantastic crowd. It's hard to sing tenor at this high altitude, though. I was able to meet one of my favorite singers from the 1980s & early '90s: Billy Sprague. He is the worship leader at the church He had several #1 hits on the CCM charts back in the day. He also co-wrote Via Dolorosa (made popular by Sandy Patti). What a nice guy! He was gracious enough to give us a few CDs and a couple of books he has written. It was nice to see long-time blog-reader Neva (Royce's aunt) at the concert last night. We'll probably see her Sunday night, too. Doran and I will be seeing of our great friends and former co-workers (on the Grace Teens staff) Aaron and Cherylyn Horn tonight. And, then, I'm going to be able to meet up with my college roommate and fellow FCA-er, Chris Arndt, his wife DeAndrea, and their 2 children on Sunday evening. It's like it's the reunion tour or something.

I just finished up my first class in my MBA program. Oh yeah! No time to celebrate, though. I start my next class on Tuesday. The fun never ends.

Well, we have finally sold our house. And, I just found out yesterday that our offer on the soon-to-be-christened Waggoner mansion has been accepted. It's about 3 minutes from Trey's school, for which he is very thankful. I'll post pictures soon.

Speaking of Trey, I just talked to him on the phone and he informed me that he scored 10 goals in his soccer game this morning. Lori said that she tried her best to get him to pass the ball, but he kept on getting wide-open shots at the goal. What a guy! He can't play defense, though.

Up above, you'll see some pictures taken from the road in the last couple of weeks. I'll touch base later.