Monday, February 04, 2008

The Little Chair Episode

OK, I can't resist. Let's watch Bobby Knight throw that chair one last time...


Before the day is done, I have to comment on two sports stories:

1. Congrats to the Giants for knocking off the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Maybe this will shut up all of the New England bandwagon fans. I hate the Patriots. I really do. Now, I'll give them props. They had an incredible season and Tom Brady was the year's best quarterback (and that's hard for a Peyton Manning fan to spit out), but I was so tired of hearing the "greatest ever" term thrown around. Thank you, New York. And, now, would you idiot commentators quit dogging Eli? It made my night. It really did.

2. I just heard this evening that Bobby Knight retired from coaching. Say what you will about the General, there were few better coaches when it came to the fundamentals of the game. He taught his men how to play team ball, a concept that is sadly lacking in today's NCAA game. While Knight's legacy at Indiana is tainted by his inability to control his emotions and his tongue, he will always be the IU coach in my book. And while I didn't always agree with how he expressed his opinions, it was refreshing to have someone who told you what they thought, not some carefully calculated soundbite that might look good in a newspaper column. I'm going to miss seeing him stalk the sidelines at Tech. Bobby Knight is truly one of the all-time greats.