Friday, February 01, 2008

Royce wants to help, too

The other day while we were in Menlo Park, CA Dan decided to wash the bus. We had come through a lot of snow and slush so the bus was filthy. I had gone into the hotel to check us in and I came out on this scene. Dan had asked Doran to help him, so they were working hard at scrubbing and rinsing. Royce's feelings were hurt that he wasn't asked to contribute. Well, after the last bus-washing incident involving Royce and clorox, Dan won't let him near the bus. So...after contemplation, Dan came up with a job for Royce...

He held up his end of the work real well.

Striking It Rich

Yesterday, we flew out of Boise to Ontario, CA. I say "we" in the loosest sense, because our wonderful piano player, Doran, failed to notate on his calendar the fact that we had a Thursday concert. So, he woke up around 7:00, puttered around the house for a while, checked the weather, and climbed back in the bed. Meanwhile, we're waiting at the airport, calling Doran's cellphone, hoping he'll pick up. He never does. We load the plane and take off. Doran gets back up and around sometime around 9:00, picks up his phone and notices that he's missed several calls from all of us. He couldn't catch any of us on the phone so he called Donna, Dan's wife, to ask if he's missing something. She said, "Yeah, you're missing something. You missed the plane!" After a very long day, he showed up at about 6:20 PM in time for our 7:00 concert. I'll let him fill in the rest of the day's details on his blog. It was hilarious!

Anyway, the 3 of us had a layover in Las Vegas. Of course, there's a slot machine on every corner of the airport. We had just walked around a corner when we heard bells and whistles blowing and a bunch of people cheering. A guy had just won $1,061,000. He was in shock. His hands were shaking and he could hardly talk. It was a pretty wild sight. He's the bald guy to the extreme right of the picture. If you click on the picture, you can see the total on the middle machine.

I might have mentioned that I was part of a non-profit organization to him. I can't remember...