Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

Huckabee Jam Session

The man can even play a little bass guitar. I think he could probably find someone else to do the vocals. Maybe that's what I'll go for.

I Like Mike

I just watched Glenn Beck interview Mike Huckabee on his program tonight. Huckabee is the man! It's refreshing to hear a candidate give straight answers instead of the carefully calculated responses we're used to hearing (can you say Mitt?). Glenn shot some rapid-fire questions at him and Mike answered them substantively without having to think through who he might offend. He's a man of convictions and someone I believe could make a difference in the Oval Office. For the first time, I'm going to volunteer for a presidential candidate. I can at least pass out stickers.

Kassady the Athlete

I will probably never have to worry about Kassady being a star athlete. This was her first year of soccer and she loved it. Well, at least she loved running around the field, all the while looking at the sidelines to see if we were watching. As aggressive as she is at home with her brother, I figured she wouldn't have any trouble at all mixing it up in the game. But, no, she would rather hang around the fringes or at the other end of the field. It is so much fun to watch her, though.

Kassady has scored a total of 3 goals this season, 1 in the opponents goal. My favorite goal that didn't count, though, came on an out-of-bounds play. She ran over to the ball, picked it up, carried it over and set it in front of the goal, and then kicked it in. After this she threw her arms up in the air like she had made a big score! I was on the road, so Lori called to tell me about it. I couldn't stop laughing at the visual.

Kassady on the attack!

Kicking off and throwing the ball inbounds are Kassady's favorite part of soccer. She can care less about the rest of it. She just jogs and grins, with nary a care in the world.

As you can see, we face an uphill battle when it comes to teaching Kass how to score.

We did have to call security on some rowdy fans in the section. The young man spent most of the game yelling smart-aleck remarks at his sister.

Trey and William

A few days ago, Trey and I ambled over to South Middle School to watch William Keep play quarterback for his flag football team. William and Trey are good buds and Trey had been bugging me for a while to go watch a game. William's team the Broncos are coached by our very own Pastor Dave. It was a good game that went down to the wire. The opposing team scored the go-ahead touchdown with just seconds left in the game and the Broncos had one more chance to to win the game. On the last play, their running back broke free and for a second looked like he was going to go all the way. They finally "tackled" him past midfield. I was standing up, shouting, like I was at a BSU game, or something. I'm surprised Pastor Dave was able to speak on Sunday after all of his yelling.

Coach Keep (in red sweatshirt) gets the team fired up.

Trey poses with the Bronco's star quarterback, William

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Tonight I overheard Trey telling William Keep that his favorite color was "camouflage"

The Fam

I love having some time off, so I can hang out with my family. Trey, Kassady, and I played several hard-fought, highly competitive games of Candyland, Sorry, and Hi-Ho Cherrio the other day.

Just being transparent, the hardest part of my job is being away from my kids and wife. The other day one of my buddies was talking about traveling with Liberty and he said, "I just don't see how you and Doran can do what you do, having young kids, not being with your family on Sunday." I replied, "Not to sound pious or overly spiritual, but that's when you have to know that you're called to do what you do." And I am called. In fact, my family is called to this ministry. That's why they understand when I leave on the weekend (or for the week). We have explained from day one to the kids why I do what I do. And, the amazing thing is that they get it! It's something I thank the Lord for everyday.

I will say, though, if it ever comes down to my job or my family, I'll choose family every time.

Budding Photographers

Trey showing off his photography chops, caught me in an introspective moment.

Kassady, not to be outdone, took this lovely shot of father and son. I'm not real sure where Trey has picked up the Texas Longhorn symbol (I hope) or the Ozzy Ozborne sign (I hope not). I asked him about and he said that he made it up.

My princess

Kassady informed me that this is her "princess look". Today she told me that she "wants to grow up, marry a prince, become a princess, and play the violin." She knows where she's going.

Caramel Apples

Lori made some caramel apples for a family night. Wow, were they good! I'm a lucky man. Here's some pics of the action:

One word: Delicious!

Lori rarely allows me to take her picture. Or, if I do, it's one of those covert shots perfected by such papparazzi as Jon Plank. The scarcity of these pictures of Lori make this particular one extremely valuable (such as a Honus Wagner baseball card or a Loch Ness monster sighting...uh, not that Lori has any resemblance to Honus or Nessie).

Trey and I go for the big bite! I picked caramel out of my teeth all night, but oh was it worth it.

Mad Hatter

I found startling similarities between a picture Doran posted of me on his blog and one of him from a concert in Wyoming last month. Fortunately, I grew out of the hat phase. Doran, on the other hand...


This game of "tag" that has been popping up on blogs usually results in minutiae that no one really cares about. However, I just happened across Sarah's answers. yesterday and truly enjoyed them (as will anyone who knew Sarah in high school or college). Sarah was one of my great friends in college and married another good friend of mine, David.

By the way, Sarah, astute move on giving up on the whole Victorian thing.

Doran's Posting Again

It's so good to see that Doran has awakened from his stupor and posted something. Obviously, he has so little going on in his own personal life that he's had to dredge up pictures from my past. The beauty of it all is that I have some wonderful pictures from Penn View days that I've been holding on to. I'm trying to figure out when and how to reveal the "real" Doran. Now, I don't have any pictures of Doran in his youth. He wasn't allowed to be photographed. It's an Amish tradition, I figure. He stepped out on the wild side once he went to Penn View Bible Institute and really threw off the convictions of his past. You'll see...

By the way, where did you guys even find those pictures? I'm impressed! I haven't even seen them. O, the friends I have! For those of you who haven't seen them, you owe yourself the favor of rushing over to his blog to view the award-winning photography.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GBS antique

Here's a vintage item. I wonder if it really helped the sale to put God's Bible School in the description...


Interesting article about GBS from the New York Times archives .

The Early Years

There are times that I put my job at risk when blogging. Be that as it may, I feel that I have a journalistic responsibility, nay, an obligation to share these archived photos with my faithful readers. Just think, at one point Royce sang the soprano part.

The picture on the right shows Royce during his rebellious years. He was really into contemporary Christian music. Wild stuff like "Blessed Assurance", "Amazing Grace", and songs written during that era. I love to listen to him tell about the times he sang revivals with Ira Sankey and played trombone in the first Salvation Army Band with William and Catherine Booth. It really is amazing how far he has come!

"Where is Doran?" is the question asked by the masses

I see all is quiet from the Ritchey blog. I was just starting to enjoy the bantering. It's sad to see someone give up blogging so quickly. I suppose the witty raillery eventually did him in.

He's a keeper

Isaiah Grant Keep made a grand entrance this afternoon to very proud parents Dave and Julia. Congrats! I think I'm going to dub him Ike. I'm sure Julia will be impressed.

By the way, I have to give Pastor Dave some props. He is doing a fantastic job at Grace Bible Church. I had last weekend off, so I was privileged to be home for our Sunday services. He flat tore it up! He's doing an October series on the family and it is powerful. You can listen here.

It's awesome to see the numerical growth (there were probably 25-30 new people that have been coming regularly that I didn't recognize), but even more incredible to hear the life-changing testimonies and witness the spiritual growth of our congregation. God is working.