Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dylan's birthday pics

Here is my ornery little nephew Dylan in his 4th birthday pictures. He told everybody that he was wearing his "James Bond" suit for the pictures. For those of you who know Bobby, Dylan takes right after him. That mischievous twinkle in the eyes looks uncannily familiar.

Boise State, watch out!

Tonight, I am taking our youth group to a Boise State football game. This ought to be a pretty good matchup: BSU vs. Bowling Green. Of course, the last two games resulting in losses were supposed to be competitive as well. Win or lose, we will definitely have fun. As your cubbie reporter, I will bring extensive coverage to tomorrow's issue. Grace Teens, football, fall, does life get any better than this?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Grace Worship Order 9.18.05

Sunday AM:
  • Here I Am to Worship
    Love You, Lord
  • Unsearchable Riches
    Fill My Cup
  • He’s All I Need
  • The Heart of Worship (special song)

Sunday PM

  • He Abides
  • Sweet, Sweet Spirit
  • Where the Spirit of the Lord Is
  • Your Love Compels Me

Mud Volleyball?

I was sitting on the couch taking it easy this past Saturday when I received a call from one of my teens, Abby (pictured above in the middle; orange shorts, teal bandana). She asked me if I would be interested in watching her team from Nampa Christian High School compete in a mud volleyball tournament.

Would I ever?! Now, I have participated in many athletic endeavors across the years, but never have I been a part of a mud volleyball competition. I am here to tell you that it is the nastiest, filthiest, most disgusting game you could ever play...and I loved every minute of it! Those of us from Frankfort who participated in sand volleyball at the TPA courts on Wednesday evenings probably remember the texture and heaviness of the sand following a rain shower. It doesn't even remotely compare with this goop. This stuff would suck the sandals and shoes right off your feet.

You have to know Abby: Abby is one of the sweetest girls in my youth group, and she initially approached the game with the same frame of mind. She stayed clean for about 10 minutes, daintily tip-toing around the court. But about midway through the first match she moved a little too quickly for the ball, her feet gave way, and next thing she knew she was on her backend soaked with mud. It was great!

I wasn't able to stay for the entire tournament, but what I saw was awesome! It definitely looked like a lot of fun. I have to admit I was tempted to jump in!

Abby and her sister Alex (who was a line judge and managed to get pretty muddy as well) made the Grace Teens proud! Great job, guys!

Another fantastic Grace Teen member, Jaron Crane (in the red and black shorts), officiated the match. He's a member of the athletic association who sponsored the games.

The game was crazy! In this picture, Abby goes for the ball.

Alex was a line judge for the volleyball game. I did notice that she managed to get as muddy as her sister (well, almost).

Abby barking out directions to her teammates.