Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally...some recognition

It's so nice to get a little love in the blogosphere. I truly believe I would have made it to #1 if:

#4 Paul Peterson hadn't traveled with Joel
#3 Angie Davis wasn't Canadian
#2 Jon Plank wasn't so...well, old
#1 Tim Calhoun would take pictures with a real camera

So, I feel good about this. I really do.

Tour de Caldwell

My latest venture into the world of exercise includes a Mongoose mountain bike picked up at Vista Pawn in Boise. Trey is doing quite well at pedaling around the neighborhood, so I was inspired to keep up.

My spandex body suit should be delivered sometime next week.

Style Tip of the Week: Just Say No

Royce made us all proud last weekend by breaking out the boots. He apparently hadn't worn these fine examples of footwear for quite a while, because as he was pulling them on he found a sock that had been missing for some time. Unfortunately, he had thrown away the match sometime back.

Stories from the Road

It is now 10:01 AM in Chicago. We are patiently waiting for Royce to show up. He flew in last night, got a hotel a few miles away, and has been living the high life while the Liberty peons drove 34 hours (that includes 3 hours worth of stops for food, fuel, and bathrooms). While he was drawing a steam bath, wrapped in the furry white robe provided by the hotel, we were racking up the miles, unshaven and unkempt. So, now, we are sitting at a little side street outside Midway International Airport waiting for Big Daddy to show up in the limo. Tough life.

Here's a picture for Royce, just in case he forgets what bus life is like:

Thursday, August 23, 2007


OK, we are on a trip to Michigan that is taking forever! 30 hours, one way. I've already slept about 12 hours. Right now, we're somewhere in Nebraska. Of course, the weather is pretty nasty.
I'm a whiner.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An early birthday

Because I am leaving in just a few minutes for Michigan and Indiana, I am posting my birthday wishes to Kassady a day early. It's hard to believe that my little princess is three. What a girl!!! Her loves include Cinderella, Belle, anything to do with dress-up, chapstick, waffles, apple juice, Ninja Turtles (thanks to her brother), chicken nuggets, Tony Stewart (I have no clue where that comes from), pink, Sprite, Maggie (her bear), and singing.

She's my sweetheart! Since I have to miss her party tomorrow we let her open a couple of presents from us and then headed out to Red Robin, Kass's favorite restaurant:

My Little Princess

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Groban Rocks

I just returned from a Josh Groban concert at the Idaho Center in Nampa. What a fantastic evening! Every once in a while, Lori and I break free for a date. This one was certainly memorable. I'm too tired to give you the set breakdown. I'll wait 'til tomorrow. Good night.

Monday, August 20, 2007

See what you missed?

We had a fun weekend out in Oregon. Here are a few uncensored pics from the road:

It really is a tough life we lead on the road...Thanks to Dan (and a friend; you know who you are) we now have two leather easy chairs in the front lounge. I'm usually ensconced in one of the chairs, either getting some work done on my laptop (sometimes) or controlling the bus media content (notice who's holding the remote). Thank God it's almost college football season!

Doran got caught in the act of hitting me in the head with his microphone by a photographer at our Wood Village, OR concert. He declares that he just barely tapped me on the head, but I'm here to tell you that it was more than a tap! I will get even...

Of course, when you see Doran in person, it's hard to hold him responsible for anything. I think his ticket's punched for Heaven, if you know what I mean. Most of his bus activity involves those thick crayons.

Every once in a while, Royce feels inspired to help Dan out on the bus cleaning. He gets such joy out of doing the most menial of work. God help him!

We are really becoming quite accomplished at our intricate choreography. Doran spends quite a bit of time watching "Dancing with the Stars". His lurching, lunging footwork leave much to be desired, however.

I have become quite comfortable in my on-stage participation. Dan and I carry the load of laughing. Fortunately, Royce and Doran come up with new material every concert to keep it fresh. I really do feel that I am one of the best laughers in Southern Gospel music. I guess you could say it's a gift.

Every once in a while, we'll let the audience ask us questions about Liberty, what we do, how much it costs to fill up the bus, etc. Dan really enjoys this part of the concert, calmly responding to each query.

You can always spot those certain individuals who feel that the late 70s and early 80s defined cool.

Coming soon to an asylum near you...

Ansel Waggoner

OK, so it's not quite up to Adams par, but I was impressed with this pic I snapped in beautiful Bagge Gardens, near Mosier, OR. I didn't even Photoshop this picture. I promise!