Sunday, May 13, 2007


It was a privilege to see one of my best friends this evening at our concert in Longmont, CO. Chris Arndt, his wife DeAndrea, daughter Chloe, and 8-week-old son Zach came to see Liberty. As you can see Chris's kids are quite enamored with me. Chloe was very impressed with our bus. I gave her the official tour.

Chris is one of the greatest guys in the world. I've known him for years. We went to FCA together for about 8 years when we were kids and had a blast. Oh, the stories I could tell about Chris's days at FCA! Maybe someday, I'll release a memoir and recount all of the trouble he got into. We had more fun back then. Chris and I were also roommates together at GBS for 2 years. He transferred to Purdue University where he graduated #1 in his engineering program. The guy is an electronics whiz kid. He and DeAndrea live in the Denver area. DeAndrea is pure gold! I just wish they lived closer to us. I love those guys!


Somewhere along the way, I lost my sense of dignity and ability to be embarrassed. Doran and Royce thoroughly enjoy my new look, as does the occasional weird fan at a concert.

Royce and Neva

Royce and his aunt Neva (a loyal keithinside reader). She came to a couple of our concerts this weekend. She insisted that Royce wear his new, bright, gaudy suit. For those of you who know Royce Mitchell, you know the last thing that comes to mind when describing him is flashy. However, Doran and I have made several snide comments about his, shall we say, 1980's sense of fashion. To prove that he was with it, Royce, with the help of his son Jeremiah, and a friendly African-American salesman in Nashville, TN, picked out what we have affectionately dubbed the "Jessy Dixon suit". The above picture had too much flash and I had to put a slight filter on it, so unfortunately you fail to be blinded by the flourescent green stripes, shirt, and tie that Royce is wearing. He is definitely "wid it".

Big Ending

Everyone knows that Southern Gospel quartets are known for their cheesy, work-'em-up'-into-a-frenzy endings. I mean, c'mon, what's a SG concert without the tenor skying high, the bass sliding low, and various pointing and contortions by the quartet members. So, since we want to be considered big-time, here you have it: Liberty Quartet, live from Longmont, CO!

Royce enjoys sleeping about as much as anything.


I'm trying a new "Lord of the Rings" look. Gandalf, that's me.

Colorado Connections

We have been having a great time in beautiful Colorado! This morning I showed up for our concert at Trinity Church of the Nazarene in Colorado Springs, CO and was shocked to find out that my cousin Greg Waggoner and his family attends there. At first, I didn't recognize Greg and was in the middle of introducing myself when it clicked. He just grinned the Waggoner grin. We all have it. Anyway, I was able to spend some time visiting with Greg and Luke (his son). I saw Josiah (another son) from a distance, but unfortunately wasn't able to talk to him or Kathleen (Greg's wife).

Then, Aaron and Cherylyn up this morning, too. Last night, they brought some of their friends with them to the concert: Jeff and Tonya Duddek and their children. Come to find out, Lori went to school with Jeff's sister, Faye, and knows their family extremely well. I also found out that Jeff used to attend Appalachian Youth Camp and knows my family pretty well. It's a small world. They are a phenomenal couple! God is using them and Aaron and Cherylyn to do great things for God.

We had a fantastic service this morning. Here are a few more pictures:

Getting ready for some food...Dan is mulling over his options

Doran, Aaron, Cherylyn, Alyssa, and Kinlee Horn, yours truly, Jeff, Tonya, Jeffrey, and Emilee Duddek

Aaron and Cherylyn Horn, former youth staff members at Grace Bible Church

Royce and Jeffrey hit it off immediately

Royce ate at the end of the table with the kids. For some reason, they get along just fine.

Here's a couple a' little shavers (Dan and Doran)