Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The new Waggoner mansion. We have now lived at 16702 Ardyce for about a month and a half now. Which says a lot of my recent blogging habits. I have spent quite a bit of time on home repairs, which causes much chortling among close friends familiar with my mechanical inclinations. Seriously, I am pathetic when it comes to building "stuff", installing "stuff", or assembling "stuff". I readily admit my shortcomings. I was just talking to Lori about it last night, and I'm convinced that my awkward repair attempts (and inevitable frustration) are brought on by a low sense of self esteem in that area. But, then, there are many examples that I could bring up that have contributed to a lack of faith in my mechanical abilities (such as assembling our grill). The only thing that makes me feel better about myself is that I can do everything else in an above-average fashion (at least, I keep telling myself this). I guess, all's well that ends well, and so far everything I've attempted at the new estate has worked out OK.

Come by and see us. Especially, all you people from the far regions of the US who still aren't convinced that Idaho is actually a state.