Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm sorry. I forgot to add the link for Facebook. You'll have to sign up and then do a search for my name.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hey, I'm now on Facebook. I'm having a great time. Look me up.


OK, this is funny. I'm not Baptist, so I probably shouldn't share this. But, I do have so many good friends that are that I just have to. I stole this from Perry Noble:

Top 12 Things to Never Say to a Baptist

#12 - Lottie who?
#11 - What is a covered dish and why must everyone who gets sick in our church have to have some sort of casserole?
#10 - I love it when my wife has her own opinion!
#9 - For God so loved the world that He did not send a COMMITTEE!
#8 - “We're either going to Disney or Vegas for vacation this year…”
#7 - SHE did an incredible job with the message today.
#6 - Why do you keep calling me “brother?”
#5 - “Got a light?” Unless, of course, you are a deacon…then this is a perfectly valid question.
#4 - Can we please sing the third verse!!!
#3 - Hold my beer.
#2 - May I have this dance?
#1 - Ante up!

Monday, November 12, 2007


While probably everyone has already been introduced to the wonderful comedy of Brian Regan, this is one clip that I can watch over and over. This past April at the Fresno Fan Fest I asked Jeff Allen (comedian who often appears on Gaither videos) who his favorite comedian was. He immediately replied, "Brian Regan. In fact, the majority of the comedians I work with will tell you the same thing. He's THE best comedian going right now, and has been for years." Pretty high praise. Once you watch this clip, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Dining with Dan

Watching Dan eat can only be compared to witnessing a contest between Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut (watch video below).

Royce can't help but watch Dan eat.

At work

If our A/C goes out, you can be assured that it's happening in 90 degree (or above) temperatures. Sure enough, on our Arizona tour it went out. Fortunately, we have the secret weapon that can conquer (is it just me or is that a hard word to spell?) all mechanical woes: (drumroll) Dan Gilbert. Yep, Dan came to the rescue again.

Welcome to Do-Dos World

This is a common sight on the bus: Doran sleeping. Dan told me that they didn't ever see Doran the first 3 months he was with Liberty. He would head for the bunk, climb in, and not come out for the rest of the trip. It's not quite that bad, now. He occasionally will emerge to get a movie, pretzels, or the Perry's new CD to take back to his cubbyhole. Every once in a great while, he'll nap in the front lounge. Poor little guy needs his rest!

Our hosts in Benson, AZ had a seat prepared for Doran when we walked in for our meal.


This has been a long 3 weeks. I've been home about 4 days during that period. I'm exhausted and ready for somewhat of a break. The bus pulled in about 4:45 this morning. I was fumbling around in the dark, trying to find my shoes. I slipped them on without tying the laces and stumbled out to the truck. I walked in the front door, kicked off the shoes, and headed up to bed. I got up to take Trey to school, walked down to the living room where light was beginning to filter between the blinds and realized that I had actually put on one of my shoes and one of Dan's.

So, you could say this week has got off on the wrong foot.