Thursday, January 10, 2008

Presidential Prelection

I've enjoyed keeping up with the presidential primaries of both parties. The calculated speeches, the acerbic barbs couched in innocent repartee, and the constant calls for "change" (though the change advocated is never clearly defined) all point to the interesting race that's shaping up. I declared early on that I was really impressed with Huckabee. That was before his somewhat questionable record came up, which it always does in these primaries. There were several issues that caused concern. I appreciate his Christian worldview, but it takes more than just being a Christian to get my support. From the sounds of the blogs of some of my friends, we should vote for him just because he's evangelical and a really good guy. Well, I'm a Christian and a really nice guy but I'm not qualified to be President. I want to see a plan for the future that makes sense. Don't just wow me with impassioned delivery (can you say Obama?). Clearly define what your plan is for this country. Financially, this country's in a mess and somebody better have a plan to reduce our national debt, repair our Social Security system (or come up with a good privatization program), and cut the pork that seems to inevitably find it's way into every spending bill. I want to see a realistic plan for what's going to happen in Iraq, what we're going to do about our dependency on foreign oil, and what we're going to do about free trade. I would like for a candidate to clearly define their position on illegal immigration, one that is realistic and can be enforced. What are we going to do about our plodding tax system, the rising cost of healthcare/insurance, and our broken educational system? Of course, there are several social issues that bother me, as well. I haven't seen anyone who has clearly defined who they are.

I'm not sure who I support to be honest with you. I do like Huckabee's Fair Tax proposal, though I'm not sure how it would impact 501(c)3 organizations.

There's an program I heard about on Fox News that I found interesting. Try out the Candidate Calculator for yourself.

For the record, my #1 choice ended up being Tom Tancredo, followed by Huckabee and Romney.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Trey and Emme

The other night we had Marc and Talisha over to watch the BCS championship game,which was a total bore, and chow down on hot wings and popcorn. We have high-class tastes (I'm not talking friends here, though Marc and Talisha both have very blue blood) which also include paper plates. Anyway, we're downstairs switching back and forth between the game and the Fox News New Hampshire coverage, when we hear Kassady yelling something about Trey having marker on his face. Now, my kids do a lot of crazy things and when you throw Emme (one of Trey's very best friends) and her creativity in the mix you have a perfect storm. So, immediately Talisha calls up to see what's going on and Emme replies that Trey asked her to put eyeblack on under his eyes, like the football players, you know (he's obsessed with playing football). We immediately assumed the worst. I could just see Trey with permanent black marker on his face. Marc and I burst out laughing and I yelled for Trey to come downstairs. He and Emme sheepishly walked into the living room to show us their handiwork.

There was relief written all over Lori's face (Talisha's, too) when they saw the dry-erase marker in Emme's hand. We laughed and laughed over this one. Actually, I was impressed with Emme's artistic endeavor.


Kassady has turned into quite the little gamer. She has this video game system called V-Smile that she loves to play. It has a bunch of educational games that help them learn to spell, count, and read. I say that to ease my conscience. Anyway, I thought this was a great picture that captured one of those many Kassady moments.

PJ Trey

A new take on "you've got some big shoes to fill". Trey is into stealing my pajamas each night and running around the house like a madman. And people wonder why I laugh so much.

Me, too

I'm hoping the fact that I posted my own ridiculous New Year's picture will save from the wrath to come (see post below). Let's just say that Margaret spiked the eggnog (with caffeine, of course). After the guys blew away the girls in "Buzzword", a really fun party game, we brought in the new year in style. Well, at least I did.

I gave up on being "cool" a long time ago and settled for "fun".

The Year Got Off To a Good Start...

Stephanie was definitely full of joy (or something) when 2008 rolled around.

***If I don't show up at a concert, church, or any other previously scheduled appointment, please call the police. After posting this picture, I am going to be living the life of Salman Rushdie.

New Year

Trey and Kassady could barely keep their eyes open as we brought the new year in. Is there anything more annoying than those little noisemakes with the paper thing on the end that goes in and out as your blow air into it? I blew my noisemaker incessantly, of course.

Trey spent first moments of 2008 trying to pull his poppers out of the plastic bag.

Christmas with Mom and Dad

It was so much fun to have Mom and Dad out for Christmas. I love Idaho, but I do miss being with my family during the holidays. So,they flew out on Christmas Day Apparently, you can get a good deal on tickets if you're willing to fly on the 25th. They stayed out here for a few days and we had a fabulous time.

I just wanted to post this picture to irritate Sharilyn (I mean, Lynn). I'm expecting a call soon.

Mom didn't let vacation slow down her spending...I mean, we have great deals here in Idaho! It's amazing how fast women can write a check. It makes my head spin. It takes me, oh I don't know, 5 minutes or so to painstakingly fill out that little piece of paper. I do that whole thing where after you write in the amount you take the line all the way to the end of the box. Nobody's going to rip me off and add something in there!


OK, here's a post to move the crying kid off the top of the page. Happy, Dave and Char?

It's been a busy 4 weeks! Liberty has recorded 1 and a half new CDs, done a few Christmas concerts, and retooled for 2008. The Waggoner family hosted Dad and Mom Waggoner (and of course, my wonderful sister Lynn) over Christmas, brought in the New Year with a bang at the Taylors with several friends, finally took down the Christmas decorations, and hauled the (best ever) Christmas tree to the Tannenbaum graveyard. In the meantime, I played racquetball for the first time and found out how out of shape I really am. My reflexes are about 17 milliseconds to slow for the game. That's a lot of fun. I've been following the presidential primaries, watched several college football games (including last evening's yawner of a national championship), made a few new year resolutions, and worked on an incredible new partnership about which Liberty Quartet will soon be releasing information.

So, anyway, I say all that hoping that there will be a spot of sympathy for my pathetic lack of updates. My hopes aren't set that high. I know my audience.