Saturday, January 19, 2008

Breaking News!!!

OK, for all of you Libertyheads out there, here's the latest news from the homefront. We have just signed with Associated Management Group out of Meridian, ID to handle all the behind-the-scenes details of the ministry. They have assumed the responsibilities of office management, product distribution, booking, and mechanical licensing. Obviously, there is so much more that they will be doing for us, but those are the initial endeavors. This will free us to focus more on what we're best at: singing. It's a privilege to partner with Rick, Dee, Judy, Kay, and everyone else at AMG. You will actually touch base with a real person when you call the Liberty Office. Now, that's a novel idea! Be sure to welcome them to the Liberty team. You can contact them at: or Our office number has remained the same.

Of course, you can still contact the Liberty guys from the website.

God is good!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow Day on Ardyce Ave.

Last week, we had quite a bit of snow around our place. School was canceled for Trey, which brought him much joy and hyperactivity. We had a fun time in the white stuff.

Kassady and Lori immediately started on building a snowman.

I made sure that I jumped in at the end to make it appear as though I contributed to the project.

Trey is obsessed with football these days. He knows all the statistics for pro, college, you name it. He loves going outside to "run plays". He's figured out a good crossing route, 5 and out, and his favorite, the Hail Mary.

Of course, the snow is good for making those diving catches.

Kassady was just happy to be there.


OK, I didn't realize so many of you guys went to an ACE school. Feel free to share your own additions to the ACE list...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I love ACE

For those of you who don't know anything about Accelated Christian Education...well, congratulate yourself (and go ahead and skip to the next post). For the rest of us...this is way too close to home.

You know you have been to an ACE school when...

  • You know Ace and Christi will one day end up being together.
  • You cried when Ronnie crashed his bike.
  • You have had a class mate tell you to be quiet because he or she is trying to get an Accelerated Christian Education.
  • You all look exactly alike for gym.
  • You know what "cool-lots" are.
  • You think that an 84 is failing.
  • You have been or dreamed of being on the Pastor's Honor Roll.
  • You had only one option for a language class (the language that teacher spoke).
  • Riding in a bus is exciting and new for you.
  • Snow days just mean doing your work at home.
  • A demerit ruins your day..
  • You go to school in a basement.
  • Three Seniors graduating is a huge class.
  • Memorizing 30 verses of the Bible in 3 hours is a piece of cake.
  • You get angry when your friends in public schools complain about dress code rules.
  • Flirting is a sin.
  • Your English teacher is your Math teacher, Science teacher, Food prep teacher, Gym teacher, ect...
  • All the ten year olds have comb overs.
  • Convention is the light at the end of a tunnel.
  • You get excited when you get to put a gold star on your star chart.
  • The hot guy/ girl in your school is your cousin.
  • You think that a student body of 50 K-12 is too big.
  • You abide by the six inch rule.
  • The cool guy in class is a nerd from another school.
  • You never have back problems cause your PACE's are lighter than text books.
  • If you wear a hoodie you are considered a "druggie".
  • You will get detention if you cough in class.
  • You want to marry Ronny or Christi.
  • When you have to beat the little kids to THE microwave.
  • When you know that there is this one kid who is just going to prison in ten years (once he gets his MySpace).
  • You get excited when you get a new bathroom pass.
  • You know everything about everybody... including the teachers.
  • You wish you had a Pastor like Pastor Alltruth.
  • There is no point to homework slips.
  • You counted down from 500 PACE's until you graduate.
  • You hate red pens but you love green ones.
  • Having the GREEN pen is the highlight of the week.
  • Openings are the worst time of the day.
  • You get very fast at putting your Ipod or gum away when teachers are comming.
  • You get rules named after you for the terrible things you have done (chewing gum, burping ,throwing PACE's across the room ect.)
  • You are surprised to know there are other ACE schools out there....somewhere
  • You get detentions randomly for having the nerve to stand up to stuff thats wrong, that in a way they tell you to stand up for.
  • You know that once you throw 30 papperballs down the wall of peoples desk its only a matter of time till the teachers look away again and they all get pelted back to you.
  • You keep away from those "other" childeren... who are your brothers and sisters who go to public school.
  • You knock down the Christmas garland from on top of the offices and get in trouble because it pulled all the other garlands down.
  • You actually feel lucky because you have no finals.
  • You can recite all of pastors stories along with him.
  • You actually begin to wonder what will happen to each of the ACE characters by the time that last English PACE rolls around.
  • You feel a huge wave of relief the first time you go to convention and find that most of the kids from the other ACE schools are pretty much normal

*This group is for anyone who understood all of these statements or know somebody who does!

  • You know what ACE stands for.
  • Ace is not a playing card, its a boy.
  • you spend your days in the learning center
  • If you have ever gotten your finger slammed in the divider.
  • If you have ever been 4 PACE's behind in a subject because the order hasn't come in yet.

You look at all the spelling errors in this message, and realize that an ACE student typed it!

OK, this is hilarious. Thanks, Sheila, for sharing with an ACE grad.