Friday, March 23, 2007


Liberty's work is never done. People wouldn't believe the time and energy that we put in to improving our performance. Like this picture, for instance. Most people would take a quick look and say, "Oh. That looks like two grown men making fools of themselves in public." But a deeper look would reveal that this picture is in fact of two grown men practicing to make fools of themselves in public.

Getting a Facial

I've been trying to tell Royce that if he keeps on screwing up his face like that it's going to stick. Look what happened to Doran (to the right of Royce).

Actually, that's Paul Munson to the right of Royce. He spent last weekend traveling with us. He's more fun than a busload of Mexican jumping beans. You know, I started to type the previous sentence with no clear idea of where I would end up with that analogy. It's a gift. It really is.

Just another item to add...

Well, for better or for worse, here we go. Tuesday kicks off the first day of classes in my MBA program. I am pursuing my degree at Indiana Wesleyan University. I use the word "at" very loosely since I will take the program in its entirety on-line. This is what I love about living in the 21st century. Due to my traveling schedule there is no way that I could find time for traditional classes on campus, but this on-line program meets my need of flexible course delivery. We're living in the good ol' days, folks.

So, if you need to flesh out your prayer list, add Baldy. In all seriousness, I would appreciate it.

Bracketologist Despair

My brackets are so screwed up. There's a reason they call it March Madness. I decided to go out on a limb this year and pick several upsets. Of course, this is the one year that all the top seeds win. Everytime I zig, the games zag. I am resigned to a lifetime of bracket disappointment. You know it's bad when you find yourself behind Jon and Doran in the standings. Sheesh!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As promised...


I finally did it. Yesterday I took the plunge (actually with the help of a very reluctant Lori) and shaved my head. Totally. Gone. Mr. Clean.

Tomorrow I'll try to get a picture up. I kind of like it myself. However, the timing of my haircut is due to the fact that Liberty is off for the next couple of weeks while the guys enjoy spring break with their families. So, I have plenty of time to grow the fringe. I'll probably let it come back. Especially since Lori isn't convinced with my shiny coiffure.

Let me know what you think.