Saturday, May 06, 2006


Congrats to my great friends Jon and Alicia Plank on the successful arrival of a new baby girl, Lauren Elizabeth. Mom and baby are doing fine. I'll give you more info as I get it. Visit Jon's website:

Living the good life

It's been a great weekend, so far. We finally made it to Eureka, NV on Friday. If you recall from a previous post, Royce mistakenly tried to take us there a couple of weeks ago. The people received us very graciously, especially considering that we were exhausted from the last 2 weeks. Royce is a very proficient emcee, but on Friday night he got into the middle of a story and totally forgot the punchline. He turned around to me and muttered, "What's the punchline?" I had never heard the joke before so I told him I had no clue. Doran finally came up with something from the keyboard while Dan and I laughed (a very encouraging, bolstering chuckle, of course). I was so tired I could hardly think straight. God truly helped us, though, reminding me that it's not my strength that matters in the big picture.

Tonight we were in Twin Falls, ID at the Magic Valley Gospel Opry. Fortunately, I got quite a bit of sleep (and a nap this afternoon) so I was able to function at a normal level. It was enjoyable to touch base with several people who have supported the quartet for several years.

So, now, I sit in my room at the Shiloh Inn waiting on a meal* from Pizza Hut. Life is good.

*large, stuffed crust pizza (half pepperoni, half Italian sausage, mushrooms, and olives) with the sampler special (hot wings, breadsticks, and cinnasticks)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's a Wonderful Life

OK, I'm weary in well-d0ing. Well, mostly well-doing. I've been running non-stop since getting home on Monday. Tuesday, I got together with the guys to rehearse for our upcoming album and to go over our parts on "The Star Spangled Banner". We are singing for the Idaho National Day of Prayer observance at the state capitol tomorrow. Our arrangement of the national anthem is very similar to the GVB rendition. Except for one small little fact: I'm no David Phelps. That dude hits notes that just aren't natural. Anyway, we spent quite a bit of time on the song (long enough for me to realize that smashing high C after high C doesn't do much for the longevity of a voice). Then, today we were privileged to be a part of the memorial service for Edie Munson, a fantastic woman who impacted her family, friends, and community for Christ. I didn't know her that well, but after hearing about the lives that were dramatically changed and refocused after Edie introduced them to Jesus I was profoundly impressed.

I've also been working on a live DVD of our Fresno performance. It features several pics along with 4 live songs from the Great Western Convention. I've had several requests for the DVD. It's going to be an entertaining, amateur production that lets everybody else in on the fun we had.

Well, I leave you with a link to a music video produced by my good friend (and faithful poster to, Carlton. It's his first attempt at filmmaking and I think it's pretty funny; you know, in a quirky sort of way. Enjoy!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Well, I'm finally home after a long week. A fun, full, long week. I thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to sing at the Great Western Fan Fest. I was able to meet many of the men and women whom I have admired over the years. For the most part, they lived up to my impression of them. Their warmth and compliments were accepted gratefully. I have tried to capture just a little bit of what happened last week in the pictures below. Enjoy!

These pictures were taken during our performance of the song "Contagious". The song, written by an 81-year-old man features a little island flavor. I call it our Jimmy Buffet song. Doran has some hilarious comedy lines in this song. The top picture features Royce, Dan, and I trying our hand at some choreography. As you can tell, even if you're blind, our moves are as about uncoordinated as it gets. In the middle of our little routine, Doran pulls out what can only be described as a cross between an Indian rain dance and a seizure. The crowd loved it! I have video of us doing the song, and you can hear the cackling and wheezing from the audience. We nearly sold out of the CDs featuring that song.

We had some extremely busy times at the booth. It's pretty cool to meet people whose lives have been deeply impacted by the lyrics you sing. We heard so many kind comments during the three days we were there.
It was a privilege to get to know Dan's parents. They were able to spend the week in Fresno. Here Dan and Donna pose with Dan's father.

The wives of all the guys (except me) were able to go with the quartet to Fresno. By the time that I knew that I was for sure joining Liberty, it was impossible to make the arrangements for a babysitter so that Lori could attend. Next year, she'll be with me. It was a lot of fun having Diane, Donna, and Tammy along. They sell a lot more CDs than we do. Look at the smile on Doran's face! He actually looks halfway good in this picture (thanks to Diane).

I, on the other hand, look like I'm part of a new line of Muppets in this flattering picture. Doran looks like he's excitedly waiting to audition for "The Addams Family".

On the way out to Fresno, I took some time to wash the bus, while Doran took some time to watch the bus.

Doran and I attempted to sabotage the mascot of Fresno State University (bitter enemies of our beloved Boise State football team). That is one ugly dog. I agree, the pictures are a little odd.

It was great to have Dad and my brother, Bob, come out for the convention. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and enjoying some good music. I inherit my passion for SG music from my father. We're tentatively planning on having Bob on bass guitar for us next year.