Monday, April 28, 2008


Wow! What a day! It started off in the studio, where Doran, Dan, and I did the final vocal fixes on our new album (title still undetermined). Then, I ran home to finalize the concepts for a Liberty Quartet photo shoot. At about a quarter to four I raced over to Meridian and met the rest of the guys at a studio for some shots for the new album. Then, we headed over to Royce's house where we shot the photography for his upcoming solo project. By the time I left his house it was a quarter after eight. After a nutritious supper of Burger King I turned the ol' green Explorer for the rolling hills of Waggoner estates. I've just now finished catching up on email and other business. And, I'm tired.

Yeah, and remember all that stuff about my voice? Well, my allergies just kicked in and they are kickin' my backside! My throat is raw. Of course, that was due to happen the same week as the Fresno Fan Fest. So, while I might not be singing well, I can at least enjoy everybody else.

One news flash that I want to mention, Doran has been invited to be a part of the Fan Fest Songwriter's Showcase with Phil Cross, Rodney Griffin, and others. In spite of all the sarcastic barbs we lob at each other, I'm proud of the guy. He's writing songs that stand with the best lyrics being written in the Southern Gospel genre today. This is a well-deserved honor. That will be fun.

I'm tired. G'night.