Friday, June 22, 2007

Field trip

This is really late, I know. I'm not quite up to the posting level of the interns over at I was privileged to accompany Trey on a field trip last month as a sponsor. I snapped a few pictures in between yelling, "Hey, kids! Come back here!" and carrying loads of backpacks and lunchboxes. The kindergarten class from Centennial Baptist went to Boise and visited the The Morrison Knudsen Nature Center (and playground).

Trey and his friend Kane pose in front of a genuine stuffed bear. These stuffed bears are indigenous to Idaho and Build-A-Bear workshops across the country.

My son preferred the playground over the Natural Wildlife Exhibit. Go figure.

Trey has expressed interest in rock climbing. He reaches the summit. Approximate elevation: 5.7' above ground level.

I did enjoy the day. It brought back memories of my exciting field trips during my years at Frankfort Covenant Academy. Who could ever forget the thrill of touring the Quaker Oats storage facility in Tipton, IN? "Now here is where we keep the boxes of oatmeal". Very fascinating to be sure. Unfortunately, the only room of interest was the maintenance room, which featured pictures of swimsuit pinups (heretofore unseen by many of the young male students). I think each of us got a granola bar. Then, there was the field trip to the Bible bindery in Indianpolis. The bus broke down on the way, and we never made it for what I'm sure would have been another fascinating tour. We did eventually make our way to McDonalds, which, quite honestly, was the highlight of every field trip I was part of. Oh, the memories!

So Low

I have been working on a design for Royce's new solo album. What do you think?