Thursday, August 10, 2006

Here's S'more news

My family is on the mend. Besides a few signs of fatigue, they're good to go. This flu bug was particularly nasty. In case I forget, happy S'mores Day. I would have bought a card, but you know...

I head for California and Nevada this weekend. I'll keep you posted. I know that I haven't done much in the way of pics in the last few days. I've been too busy. But, I promise, I have some on the way. I have some good pics from our VBS as well as Trey in action on the soccer field. Priceless!

I will also have information concerning a new business venture. The debut is just around the corner.

Have a great S'mores Day!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Living Water and Loren Harris

I sit in my chair tonight sipping on a concoction dreamed up by the wonderful folks at Living Water (a new Christian bookstore/coffee shop that just opened up in Nampa). It's a mixture of green tea, milk, ice, and some sour apple extract. Whoo, this is one good smoothie. The bookstore just opened yesterday, so I decided to check it out this evening. I highly recommend it to anyone who lives in the area. Living Water is located at the corner of Roosevelt and Midland in the new shopping plaza. Their prices are a little higher than Family Christian Stores, but the ambience is priceless. I can see that I'll be spending some time hanging out at the coffee shop. They offer a little bit of everything in addition to the live bands that they feature on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Very nice.

I am also bemoaning the fact that Loren Harris has left the Perrys. Loren was the most underrated lead singer in SG music and his presence will be missed. During his 6 years, the Perrys produced some of the greatest music in the SG genre. While I was listening to them sing at the Canadian Fan Festival I leaned over to Doran and remarked that this could be a legendary group if they would stay together for a while. So much for that. I see that Shane Dunlap, original lead singer for Signature Sound, will be filling in with them for a while. We'll see what happens.

By the way, still no flu (thank God!). I'm hoping the green tea in this smoothie will contribute to my good health.
Oh yeah, and by the way, no flu yet.

...and Liberty for all

Liberty Quartet has made it to the charts for the first time. If you visit: you will see that "The Wonder of His Love" is #18 on their chart for the month of August. We were #43 in the month of July. To whoever is requesting our music in the Carolinas I say thank you. We also just got a call today from the largest SG station in the state of Washington and the DJ told us that "The Wonder of His Love" was the #1 most-requested song in the month of July and was #1 on their August charts. Thanks!

Our CD "Old-Time Gospel Songs, Vol.1" which was due out in June will finally be released in the next couple of weeks. We had some last-minute changes to make that necessitated moving back the release date. If you like those old Stamps-Baxter style songs, you're going to like this album. I'll let you know the exact date before too long.

And more news from the Liberty front:

It's official. Liberty Quartet will be recording a live video in Yuma, AZ at the First Christian Church on Friday, February 16. If you live anywhere near Yuma make plans to be there. If you don't live near there, book your flight today. We are looking forward to a fantastic evening. I'll have more information coming in the next few weeks. We'd like for your mug to be in the video.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Flu-like symptoms

I bring you greetings from the quarantined Waggoner household. Kassady, Trey, and Lori all have the flu, (how do I say this without being crude?) the kind that features losing great amounts of liquid at a time. So, while they bow before the porcelain throne, I ponder the inevitable onset of my own personal version of this malady. I definitely want it to happen before I hit the road this weekend. There's nothing worse than being sick away from home.

I thought about eating peas. I hate peas and figured that they would get everything jumpstarted. I don't know though, if I'm going to get sick I want to do it the right way. So, instead, I have gorged myself on some Taco Bell fare and a package of Reese's chocolate-covered peanut butter balls. I'm interested to see if this sends me over the edge. I have to admit that I feel a little queasy. I'll keep you updated.

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