Friday, June 02, 2006

Sports that matter

By the way, I'm happy to see that Miami finally made it to the finals. Who knew that I would ever be cheering for Shaq? Dwayne Wade is a bonafide superstar.

Also, my Reds beat up on the Houston Astros tonight 14-3. About time.

The Evergreen State

Hello everybody. Life is good! My voice is back to 100% and our concerts are going extremely well. I want to say thanks to everyone who visits keithinside on a consistent basis (even the shy ones who don't like posting). I'm having fun keeping you informed on what's going on in my world. I have been pathetic about getting pictures on the site, though. I've got some great pics to download, but haven't got around to it yet. Anyway, life is exciting in the great state of Washington.

This is my first visit to the Evergreen state and I love it! Man, this is some of God's most beautiful creation. I highly recommend it for you outdoor enthusiasts. There are some breathtaking views in this area. Last night we did an outdoor concert in Moses Lake, WA at a beautiful garden. It was an incredible evening! It rained, a normal occurence in Washington I'm learning. Not long, just a little shower. The only bad thing is that I don't have hair to catch the raindrops. It hits my head and drips right into my eyes. Fun stuff! This evening we were at the First Baptist Church in Bellingham, WA. We had a great time with some enthusiastic people! It's so much fun to sing to people who enjoy listening to SG music.

Tomorrow will be interesting, to say the least. Royce's son, Jeremiah graduates from high school and he is flying back to help celebrate this awesome achievement. So, Dan, Doran, and I will be performing as the Liberty trio tomorrow night. Only God knows what's going to happen in that concert. We might need your prayers for that one.

We're going to spend the day hanging out in Seattle. I don't like coffee, but I gotta find the original Starbucks, We're going to head down to Fisherman's Wharf and see the sights. We'll see if I run into Eddie and the boys from Pearl Jam. I've never been there before so it should be a great day.

Stay tuned. More info on the CD giveaway contest is on the way. To hear some of Liberty's previous music visit my great friend Jon Plank's blog at As a side note, Jon served as graphic designer for our new album and it looks great!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The stuff you always wondered about concerning Southern Gospel, but didn't want to ask can be found on this blog. While I would hate to live on the cynical side like this guy, there is some interesting material found here. The blog is well-written, sarcastic, and often insightful. Think Simon Cowell.

Graduation, Golf, and Grilling

Man, I'm getting pathetic at updating my blog. It's been a full weekend and holiday. I spent the weekend going to several graduation parties. Congrats go out to the following grads:

Andy McConnell, Grace Christian Academy
Tiffany Black, Nampa High School
Jaron Crane, Nampa Christian High School
Justin Aman, Melba High School
Justin Gilbert, Timberline High School
Jeremiah Mitchell, Eagle High School
Levi Riggs, Greenleaf Christian Academy
Eli Harbin, Greenleaf Christian Academy

I hope you all had a great Sunday. Liberty had the weekend off, so it was nice to be at our home church (Grace Bible Church). Dr. Keaton, as usual, preached two masterpiece sermons (or should that be two sermon masterpieces? it's too late). Incredible! On Saturday, several of the young adults from the church passed out roses to homes in our neighborhood. There were several who just couldn't grasp the fact that all we wanted to do was give them a rose. One guy kept on trying to give me money. I finally convinced him that the rose was simply a gift, no strings attached. It's amazing how something so simple can have such a profound effect. Lori gave a rose to a woman who teared up and said that she needed it at that exact moment. Pretty cool.

On Memorial Day I played in a best ball golf tournament with a bunch of guys from Grace. Until my game improves I'm only doing best ball golf. Our team broke even. We shot 3 over on the front nine, 3 under on the last nine. Our time spent of the time laughing. We had 3 rookies in our group (Dustin, Terry, and myself). Now, Terry is actually pretty good. It was Dustin's first time to ever play, my 3rd. I did really good with the irons. My drives, on the other hand, were pathetic. At one point, Marc and Doran were on the ground laughing at my feeble attempts. I did have enough good shots, though, to catch the fever. I am now committed to practicing teeing off. My goal is not to be good. I just want to play without embarrassing myself. The great thing was that the team with all the pros only beat us by 3 strokes.

We then headed to the home of our friends, John and Shawna Mullins, for a barbeque (cooking out for those in the Midwest). I'll have some pictures up soon of our day. Trey rode a four-wheeler and a dirt bike for the first time. I also took Kassady for a ride on the 4-wheeler. She was not impressed.

This morning and afternoon, we finished the vocals for our new recording. It should be out next month.

Thanks for the suggestions for the contest and keep them coming. I want something good.