Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Check out on Sunday for a fresh, new look. I'm telling you this now, since I will be on the road when it's unveiled. You'll be able to hear some of our music, look at pictures from the road, and catch up with what's going on. We will adding some new features in the future, but for now enjoy the contemporary version of


Here we are: my 600th post. There's nothing too special about this, necessarily, but I just noticed it and thought I would take a moment to celebrate (especially since I missed keithinside's 1st anniversary).

A lot has taken place in the last 599 posts:
  1. A job transition, from youth pastor at Grace Bible Church to tenor for Liberty Quartet
  2. The resignation of Ray McCrary (one of my best friends, not to mention cousin) as pastor of Grace Bible Church
  3. Enrolling one of my kids in school, Trey in kindergarten
  4. My 7th wedding anniversary to my soulmate, Lori (I'm not quite sure what a soulmate is, but I'm sure we qualify)
  5. An attempt at teaching high school (bad career move)
  6. Kassady's 2nd birthday, help me Jesus
  7. Learning to drive a bus (which should send all of you to your knees praying without ceasing)
  8. My first fishing trip; nothing to report here
  9. Eating broccoli on a semi-consistent basis
  10. Launching Media-Spring with my good friend Jon Plank (sign up now at

At a momentous occasion such as this, there are many thank-yous to hand out:

  1. Mom and Dad, for giving me my start (quite literally)
  2. My wife Lori, for contributing to so many stories and for helping my hand-to-eye coordination as I have tried to quickly snap her picture before she ducked behind a plate, blanket, or hairdryer
  3. My children, for providing me with many Kodak moments and strange, but true, stories
  4. Lenea McCrary, for never reading my blog so I can make up all kinds of stories about her
  5. Ray, for joining me in perhaps the strangest photo I have posed for on the blog:
  6. Royce, for unintentionally posing for some extremely humorous shots
  7. My English teacher, for, I don't know, something
  8. GBS, for great memories and Assurance
  9. FCA. for providing many of my readers
  10. Allegiance, for "Great Day", "Beyond the Clouds", and the steel guitar
  11. Phil Cross, for mimicking my trademark look
  12. Dave Barry, for inspiration (obviously, not enough)
  13. Roget's Thesaurus, for many of my adjectives
  14. Carlton Farmer, for any number of conversations
  15. Hoosiers, for adopting a nickname that no one understands, including the natives
  16. My loyal comment brigade, for representing the legions of readers with your opinions (except for the posts about me being ugly, dense, or sedentary)
  17. K-la, 'nuff said
  18. Southern Gospel music, for some decent CDs over the last year or so
  19. Seattle, for being the most featured city on keithinside (I think I'll notify the mayor's office concerning this noble award)
  20. Pretty much everybody else, for just doing your thing

***If you have been offended by any posts, saddened by any pictures, nauseated by Royce's knees, or anything else on keithinside, please contact our customer service director at He will do what he can to make everything right.

Thanks for reading.

Bronco Fever

I told you we were going to go to the Boise State game last week, but forgot to report on the details. It was a memorable experience. It takes approximately 40 minutes to get to the Broncos stadium from our house, so Marc and Talisha swung by our place at about 5:00 so we would have plenty of time to get our seats before the 7:04 kickoff. I buy the cheap seats, which means that we sit in the south end zone and the seats are first come, first serve. They're actually great seats with a good view of the action. When the teams are on the north end of the field we can follow the action on the Jumbotron.

So, anyway, we leave early for the game and get all of the way to the exit for the stadium and Marc looks over at me and kind of laughingly asks, "You have your tickets, right?" A look akin to terror crossed my face as I did a quick patdown of my pockets (which made no sense; I knew I hadn't picked them up). Lori gasped in the backseat and conducted a futile search of her purse (which could contain eggnog from last year's Christmas party that would never be detected).

We dropped off Marc and Talisha so they could save our seats and began an eventful trip back to Nampa. If you could cut out that picture above and put me in front of a steering wheel you would have captured my facial expression as I raced home. Of course, a semi collided with a pick-up truck that blocked traffic, and then, of course, when I took the back road to escape the congestion a bridge was out and I had to take a detour that tracked all over the backside of Canyon County. I saw places that I never want to see again. Of course, I don't know if I would recognize them since everything was pretty much a blur.

We had to park about 12 blocks away from the stadium and hike in. By the time we got there the Broncos were up 7-0 and they pretty much rolled the rest of the way. Final score: 45-0.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The New Album

Another album is done...finally! This new (still unnamed) project features all original songs, most of which were written specifically for Liberty Quartet. At the risk of sounding cheesy and self promoting I have to tell you that I am extremely excited about this album. In my opinion it's going to rank as one of the best Liberty albums ever released in terms of overall production. Phil Cross is an amazing vocal arranger. He has the ability to hear harmonies that wouldn't have even occurred to these (clap on the 1 and 3 and don't forget the suspension at the end of the chorus) ears. I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical going into the session with Phil. I mean, Royce is pretty good at arranging music, so why do we need the guy? I figured it out after the first song we recorded. He makes the song come alive. Where was he during my college quartet days (even though, I had some pretty cool moves on the song "Jesus Cares for You"; right, guys?)? This isn't just your typical SG singer who is pretty decent at hearing a part. He's a choral arranger, and it shows.

This album has something for everyone. If you like Praise & Worship, it's on there. If light pop is more your taste, you'll find a song. You like country or Gospel? Got it. Of course, there are several straight-ahead Southern Gospel quartet songs on this project as well. It's going to be a favorite, I'm convinced.

The song list (in no particular order) is:

Near to the Heart of God
There's a Testimony
May Someone Find Jesus Today
I'm His
Great Day
Helping Hand
Mastered by the Master
Glorious Tomorrow
Look What He's Already Done
Take What We Have

Some of my favorite songwriters have collaborated to make this a lyrically strong CD. It should be out the first of November. Below are a few pics from the studio:

Royce looks over Scott's (as in Scott Pergande, our engineer) shoulder, just to make sure he's doing it right. He's all about getting his money's worth. ("Scott, nope that's not it. You messed up. Take another $3 off the bill")

Doran contemplates the hook and lyrics to his soon-to-be big hit "Take What We Have". As of last sighting he was still contemplating. The rest of us left.

Yeah, Bill, you've gotta get these Liberty boys on your Homecoming Tour. People are gonna love 'em. (2 hours and 13 minutes later, following an intense laydown of "There's a Testimony") "Uh, Bill. This is Phil again. Scratch that."

There is great rejoicing in the studio when Dan nails the verse of "Great Day". We passed out little cigars with blue bows on them.

Royce singing subtly in the background, hopes that Phil notices his low bass tones. He noticed.

Scott (who has mastered the art of the sarcastic comment; he's hilarious) ponders whether or not to offer commentary on Royce's legs (see photo above).

Phil tries to figure out what in the world to do with the melody of "Great Day". He kept shaking his head and muttering "Too many words." Actually, he paid me the ultimate compliment on the song.

Dan collapsed after recording his verses on "Great Day". He's not as young as he used to be.


The big question

Are you ready?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Death by stingray

Farewall Croc Master, Steve Irwin. You know, it's kind of weird when a celebrity like this dies. You almost feel like you knew them. I have to admit I felt sadness when I read about his death. Crikey!