Friday, April 02, 2010

Waxing eloquent

Speaking of Cole, this past year has taken me back to Parenting 101. I honestly forgot some of the gross stuff associated with babies. You never really forget diapers and that sort of thing, but the other disgusting things they do...ah, now that's the spice of life. Like last night for instance. Cole and I were in the bedroom, the other kids in bed, and Lori downstairs somewhere. Parents have those moments when they realize their precious angel hasn't made a sound for a while. That usually means the devil got into them. I'm laying on the bed watching a little Sportscenter when it hits me that ol' Cole has been quiet as a mouse. I look over at him and he's on the floor sucking ear wax off some Q-tips he must have dug out of the wastebasket.

Gotta be honest, it grossed me out a little. But, I figure it can't kill him...can it?

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Carrie said...

Wow. That's really gross. It was definitely something to record, though, because in 15 years, he'll say you were lying.